30-day transition

one vegetable death at a time

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9 April 1988
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I'm 18, just dropped out of college this semester, very active in union organizing, and I work as a cashier at an organic supermarket near my home. From Dec 1st to 30th, I will be doing a juice fast, including only raw juiced vegetables and fruits, supplements, and tea. Nut butters, blended drinks and blended grains will be integrated during the final 4 days. Lately I've been feeling very weighed down by the build up of toxins in my system; lethargy and apathy being two prime side-effects. So the purpose of this fast is to give my over-nutritioned and over-worked systems a rest, cleanse my body, and reset my metabolism to a more efficient rate.

During the juice fast, I'll do daily yoga routines and breathing, as well as cycle to and from where ever I need to be to or from =)

edit: 12/4/06
The juice fast didn't go so well. Instead I'm morphing this journal into sometime to help me cope with my own dietary and life style change to take place dec 1st through dec 30th. This is the dedication to the reformation I've been "meaning" to commence for quite some time now. I realize now that I can't deal in extremes. So, here it goes. doing what feels right.

If anyone would like to jump in, any time during the juice fast, I'm an active diet/health/exercize buddy and eager for partners!